High Speed CCD Data Reductions

I wrote an IRAF package to do online data reductions of time series data.

You can download the whole thing, click here

The package consists of:

  1. hsp_ol - online reduction task.

  2. hsp_nd - "next day" task. Works very much like hsp_ol but allows the user to loop through different apperture sizes choosing the best light curve.

  3. qview - is an independent C program running under X11 which plots the light curves of target plus up to 20 comparison stars, using different colors. It simply reqads a multicolumn table assuming column 1 is time and the others are intensity for different stars.


Download only qview

Some code to convert JD (dates produced by hsp_nd and hsp_ol) to BJED (as used in WET data) BJED